***Note: the game takes a minute to load when you initially go to play it on the page. As soon as you see the Unity splash screen come up, the game has finished loading and will take you to the start screen. Thank you.***

Revenge of King Pumpkin is a 3D VR game intended to be used in clinical vision therapy. This is a web version of the game where the mouse is used instead of a person's eye position.

The game is controlled fully by mouse position. A first person controller was used for player and camera movement in the game, so moving the mouse rotates the camera accordingly. When enemies approach, line up the fuzzy blue lines tied to the cursor with the fuzzy lines on the enemy objects. These lines are known as Gabor patches and are used in clinical therapy of convergence insufficiency, the eye disorder that this game aims to treat in patients.

The gameplay may seem linear in some respects, but this is because the design constraints included enemy objects coming towards the player directly in front of them for the majority of the gameplay. These constraints are important because they ensure that the game will be therepeutically effective as well as being fun for the patient/player.

The original version of this game for the Oculus was created by me while working for NJIT's Vision and Neural Engineering Laboratory. We currently hold a provisional patent on using custom eye tracking the the Oculus Rift for vision therapy. For more information about this and the other games I developed for vision therapy, check out the article that was featured as the cover story in NJIT magazine in fall 2016:


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