This game is a basic prototype Air Hockey game originally designed for VR in Unity for the Oculus Rift and intended to be used in vision therapy. This is the web-based version which utilizes the mouse to control the player's air hockey stick.

In regular mode, move the mouse left and right and hit the puck towards the enemy goal.

In vision therapy mode, the mouse functions as the player/patient's eye position. Line up the two fuzzy blue patches (in the vision therapy world these are called "Gabor Patches") to hit the puck towards the enemy. One of these patches moves with the player's mouse position and one is on the puck.

These patches are important for therapy because they ensure that the patient is actually training the proper eye muscles.

I developed the game in Unity and created all of the 3D models and wrote all of the C# code that makes the game function. The sounds used within the game are from

Dun dun dun sound - by Delsym

Ta da - by Mike Koenig

The original version of this game for the Oculus was created by me while working for NJIT's Vision and Neural Engineering Laboratory. We currently hold a provisional patent on using custom eye tracking the the Oculus Rift for vision therapy. For more information about this and the other games I developed for vision therapy, check out the article that was featured as the cover story in NJIT magazine in fall 2016:

Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes

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